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Important Scaffolding Safety Tips

Understanding the importance of safety measures on any construction site can save many lives. It is estimated that over two million workers use scaffolding on their job sites and statistics show that every year, thousands of scaffold-related accidents and deaths are reported due to the lack of knowledge and training in using a scaffold.

That said, we can prevent these events by reading and understanding the safety tips listed below:

Barricade the Area

After making sure that the ground is flat and stable for erecting a scaffold, we need to barricade the area not only for isolation and demarcation purposes but also for the safety of the workers and the people outside of the construction site. It is mandatory for companies to create a safe workplace for all.

Inspect Scaffolding Daily

We all need to be aware of all the safety requirements for our job. Daily inspections need
to be done to make sure they are in good condition before using. That means, we should never use defective or damaged scaffolds. Additionally, we can control and eliminate hazards like debris, high-tension wires and earth fills by checking them before assembling the scaffolds.

Display Signage

Placing signage on a construction site is crucial and is one of the ordinance strictly implemented by the government to ensure the safety of all workers and general public. Its purpose is to alert people of possible hazards on site.

Secure the Platform

Before working on it, we have to secure the base, check if the metals are screwed properly and make sure that the building can support an erected scaffold to prevent workers from falling which is a common accident in using a scaffolding.

Train Workers

Slips and falls are the most common cause of accidents on a construction site that’s why it’s important that workers are fully aware of the safety procedures. That said, only experienced and trained workers should work on scaffolds as they know how to balance themselves and are trained to assemble the materials correctly.

Use Protective Equipment

Hard hats, non-slip footwear and fall-prevention ropes play an important role when working on scaffolds. Companies should strictly follow regulations and ordinances within this kind of work, thus, we are still responsible for our own safety.

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