Is scaffolding a legal requirement?

Although many building contractors have different ways of using scaffolding during their projects, there are some legal requirements related to scaffolding. If you are in the construction industry or are planning on hiring construction workers to complete a project for you, it is important that you have a deep understanding of the legal requirements of

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At what height is scaffolding required?

If you are planning a building project, you need to do everything you can to ensure that the workers you hire are safe while they are building. For many projects, this means putting secure and professional scaffolding in place so that the workers can reach heights without worrying about falling. But at what height is

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Things to Consider Before Hiring a Scaffolding Company

Whether you are about to begin a commercial or residential project in Gloucestershire or the surrounding areas, it is important you thoroughly think through your scaffolding requirements. This will ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible and you will not have to deal with any unexpected costs or safety issues. Some of the important

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What To Look For In A Scaffolding Company

Scaffolding is an essential component for developing or renovating buildings and bridges to support workers as they complete a job at higher levels. Because safety is the number one factor you should be sure when it comes to selecting the right scaffolding for your project, it is imperative to look for a company who will

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Important Scaffolding Safety Tips

Understanding the importance of safety measures on any construction site can save many lives. It is estimated that over two million workers use scaffolding on their job sites and statistics show that every year, thousands of scaffold-related accidents and deaths are reported due to the lack of knowledge and training in using a scaffold. That

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Top Tips to Remember When Putting up Scaffolding

Using scaffolding for your construction project can be an intimidating prospect. Even with the help of a scaffolding contractor, it can still be very difficult. If you want to have a seamless operation with safety as its optimal priority, just remember that the use of scaffolding can be utilised correctly with proper planning and preparation.

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