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Top Tips to Remember When Putting up Scaffolding

Using scaffolding for your construction project can be an intimidating prospect. Even with the help of a scaffolding contractor, it can still be very difficult. If you want to have a seamless operation with safety as its optimal priority, just remember that the use of scaffolding can be utilised correctly with proper planning and preparation. Here are some scaffolding tips that will help you with your construction project.

1. Do not underestimate the power of a good plan

Before renting or choosing a scaffolding contractor to help you with your construction, it is important that you set out a good plan and stick to it. Make sure that you already have a list of all the scaffolding parts you need to complete the structure and communicate with your contractor about it. Double check the parts so that nothing is missing to ensure the safety of everyone. You also need to plan the schedule of the construction project ahead and the timeline in which you will be using the scaffold. This way, you can be more efficient and save more resources. Plan ahead for a smoother, faster and safer job.

2. Prepare the area well

In any construction project, it is important that you give extreme priority to the foundation. When you are constructing on an uneven surface, there is a huge risk of accidents. Before installing the scaffold, ensure that the ground should be able to keep the scaffold sturdy even in wet weather.

3. Safety should always be the priority

Ensure the safety of everyone involved in the construction project and secure the safety of the structure. Know the necessary scaffolding guidelines and ensure that they are well-equipped with protective items such as gloves, hard-hats and goggles.

4. Inspect the scaffold before use

Once the scaffolds are in place, it is important that you check and inspect it before allowing anyone to use it. Have a daily inspection log that is signed and verified daily. If there is any sign of deterioration or damage, have it replaced at once. This way you are sure that no accidents will happen while they are using the scaffold.

5. Use boarding at all times

To make the structure safer, install boards or battens. This boarding will make working on the scaffold easier as it can be used to store materials and provide a stable platform for the workers to work on. For the boards, remember that they have to be as close and as tight as possible so that the materials will not fall in between the cracks. If there is any split, rotten or damaged battens, replace and discard them so that they’ll never be used again.

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