Although many building contractors have different ways of using scaffolding during their projects, there are some legal requirements related to scaffolding. If you are in the construction industry or are planning on hiring construction workers to complete a project for you, it is important that you have a deep understanding of the legal requirements of scaffolding.

But is scaffolding a legal requirement? In this article, we discuss the legality of scaffolding, so that you can ensure that all your construction projects are safe and legal.

Is scaffolding a legal requirement?

The answer to this question is a little complicated. Scaffolding is a legal requirement when a risk assessment has concluded that scaffolding is a requirement for safety. As a general rule, if work is above 4 feet, you need to provide scaffolding, and you should certainly provide it if work is being completed 6 feet above the ground. If work is taking place 10 feet above ground level, you also need to provide your construction team with fall protection.

To decide whether or not you need scaffolding for your construction project, you should undertake a professional risk assessment. A risk assessment is a legal obligation and must be undertaken any time an employee is working at a height. By law, these employees working at height must be protected.

For low-risk jobs, such as roof retiling, scaffolding may not be needed. However, if you are planning on working at height for a significant period or are working on tricky parts of the construction process, it is always best to use scaffolding to ensure that your workers are protected at all times. Not only can this protect your workers from being involved in any accidents, but it can also protect you from fines and lawsuits.

Even when the law doesn’t specify that scaffolding is necessary, it is always recommended for construction projects where there is the chance of falling or another injury.

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