Whether you are about to begin a commercial or residential project in Gloucestershire or the surrounding areas, it is important you thoroughly think through your scaffolding requirements. This will ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible and you will not have to deal with any unexpected costs or safety issues. Some of the important things to consider before hiring scaffold contractors include…

1. Will I need a permit?

If the scaffolding is going to be placed on your private property, a permit or planning permission is not required. If, however, the scaffolding will be placed on the pavement or will touch the road or a public area near your property, a license from your council is needed.

2. Is scaffolding definitely required?

It is best to get an expert opinion about whether or not scaffolding is actually necessary. For example, a small job fixing roof tiles may not require scaffolding but a larger re-roofing project most likely will. Consider safety requirements and what levels of risk involved are in your project, if scaffolding will help to reduce risks, it will be a good investment.

3. Do I need a bespoke design?

In general scaffolding is assembled in a standard structure, however, in some projects where access is limited or the building has an unusual layout, a bespoke design of scaffolding may be required. Think about your scaffolding needs prior to communicating with a scaffolding company and they should be able to advise you on the best layout for your scaffolding.

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